Transportation Services

Regulations & Guidance

When advocating for your child, remember that; transportation not only means to and from school, but also in and around the school building, and any specialized equipment required by your child.

Parked School Buses

What regulations cover transportation for eligible students & what is travel training for children with disabilities?

Transportation is included as a related service under the regulations in 34 CFR §300.34(a) and (c)(16).

Travel training is included in the definition of special education in 34 CFR §300.39(a)(2)(ii), and is specifically defined in §300.39(b)(4).

Travel training is instruction that enables children with significant cognitive disabilities, and any other children with disabilities who require this instruction, to develop an awareness of the environment in which they live, and to learn the skills necessary to move effectively and safely from place to place within that environment. 34 CFR §§300.39(a)(2)(ii) and 300.39(b)(4).

Paraplegic Sporting Event

Besides transportation to and from school, what other types of transportation can I ask for my student to receive at school?

Transportation is a related service and is defined in 34 CFR §300.34(c)(16). Transportation includes

  • Travel to and from school

  • Between schools

  • Travel in and around school buildings

  • After school events & community service if required for a class/the school

  • Specialized equipment such as special or adapted buses,

  • Lifts and ramps, if required to provide special transportation for a child with a disability.


Who decides if transportation is required and how do I get transportation implemented for my child?

YOU! The IEP Team (IEP Teams includes parents) is responsible for determining if transportation is required to assist a child with a disability to benefit from special education and related services, and how the transportation services should be implemented.

The IEP should describe the transportation services to be provided, including transportation to enable a child with disabilities to participate in nonacademic and extracurricular activities in the manner necessary to afford the child an equal opportunity for participation in those services and activities to the maximum extent appropriate to the needs of that child. 34 CFR §§300.107 and 300.117.

*Children with disabilities can receive the same transportation provided to non-disabled children, consistent with the least restrictive environment requirements in 34 CFR §§300.114 through 300.120.

Children in School Bus

The transportation the school provides is not climate control and the long ride is hard on my child due to his disability. What can I do?

If an IEP team determines that a child needs climate-controlled transportation to receive special education services, related services, or both, and the child’s IEP specifies that such transportation is necessary, the Local Education Agency (LEA) must provide this special transportation at no cost to the parents.