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Twice-Exceptional Students

Some children are gifted and have a learning disability. For many children with this disability there is a significant discrepancy between their level of performance in one area vs. another. For instance, a child may be gifted in mathematics & spelling, but struggle with comprehension, language, and reading. These children often feel caught between two worlds. Their intellectual conflict often leads to depression, a negative outlook on school, disruptive classroom behavior, and withdrawal.

Below are some resources to recognize some characteristics of twice-exceptional students. As well, some articles that shed light on strategies for supporting the social and emotional needs of these student. We've also included an article to highlight the challenges parents/guardians face when seeking support. 


"A central issue in the complexity of identifying students who are gift- ed/LD is that their giftedness may mask their learning disability and that their learning disability may mask their giftedness" (McCoach, et al. 2001).