What is Special Education?

Where to begin....

As a parent, one of the last things you want to hear is that your child has a disability and requires special education services.

The overwhelming amount of information about special education available on the internet, may cause you to feel panicked. As difficult as it seems, try not to worry. We want to help and we're here for you. 

Although there is a lot to learn, we feel it's important you begin with understanding the history of special education. Start slowly, and with time you'll begin to understand the process & feel more comfortable advocating for your child. Or... maybe you won't and that's ok. We have advocates who can help. 

So, let's answer the first question "What is special education?" 

Simply put, it's a form of learning provided to students with exceptional needs. The purpose is to provide equal access to education, for children ages birth to 21, by providing specialized services that will lead to success in the general curriculum. 

Remember, you're not alone. We're where to answer your questions & help in anyway. Simply reach out, and we'll embrace you with support. 

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